Newbie airbrush question(s)

Hello all.
At long last I'm ready to take my modeling up a few notches by using an
A while back I purchased an Aztek A470 airbrush kit and a good
compressor from my local hobby shop.
The first question I've come up with relates to the paints.
I've been converting to Humbrol tins from my old, cheap Testors bottles,
and am very pleased with the quality.
My hobby shop provided a color chart for me to use as referrence, and it
mentions the Humbrol paints are suitable for airbrush use as they are.
Is this true?
I always read about thinning paints for airbrush use, and certainly want
to do things right.
I've also learned from the many posts on the subject that what will
ultimately work for me will come from experimenting.
But, as always, I seek advice here, as I've gotten fantastic input and
advice in the past.
If thinning is recommended with the Humbrol paints, please feel free to
share what works for you....brands, mix ratios, ect.
As always, thanks for your input, and I look forward to getting down to
serious fiddling around. There are camo patterns waiting on me. :-)
IPMS Houston
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No. The Humbrols are waaaaay too thick, unless you use a 1.0mm nozzle. Aztek's instructions are clear on this point: paint must have more or less the consistence of milk.
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Serge D. Grun
Thinning ratios are good for the record but you will always have to depend on your own expirience, as many will mention you should thin to the consistency of milk. If the paint doesn't cover and comes out like water, it's too thin. If grainy and difficult to spray too thick. Then finding the right pressure is another thing.
Just try to experiment and find out what works best for you, this will be frustrating at first but it's really a necessary lesson if you want to get the hang of it ...
Erik Wauters, Belgium
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