Northrop YF-17

Someone the other day was looking for a Northrop YF-17 in 1/72. The old
"Entex" F--18 kit was pretty close to the F-17, and could be easily modified.
Good luck in finding one, though. Anigrand Resins however, will be releasing a
1/72 YF-17 in August. No price was mentioned, but I would imagine it will run
around $50-60. Kim M
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The landing gear and nose would be all wrong. We have a picture in my office of the YF-17 sitting next to Hornet #1...not really as straightforward a conversion as you'd think.
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I recall an article in somebody's magazine on how to convert an F-18 into a -17. It was a bigger job than I'd have thought.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
Yes - the two aircraft are substantially different - the tails are even different, now that I think about it...and the gear wells and doors as well as the gear. The basic "shape" or configuration was/is maintained, but after being "Navalized" you get a very different jet.
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Didn't the YF-17 use the landing gear form the F-5?
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The Model Hobbit
Used to be at the Navel Air Museum in Pensacola, inside a plane painted as a F-18. But it certainly was not. It was one of the planes flown in the F-16, F-17 flyoff. Like everyone has said everything was wrong, Landing gear, size, tail surfaces, etc would be big job to convert a F-18 kit. But it would be a good place for someone to get some pictures to use if the wanted to make a F-17.
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What? An entire *museum* devoted to navel fluff? Do you have a Mme Tussaud's ear wax museum too?
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Lasse Hillerøe Petersen
I wanted to start a nose nugget emporium but I picked something else
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