Open Invitation - Dave Roof Challenge

Okay boyos, year four of the "Dave Roof Challenge" begins Jan 1. Who's gonna
belly up to the bar?
For those not familiar, The Dave Roof Challenge, or "Model of the Month" is
the challenge to build one model in one month. It's not a contest. It's
simply motivation. Dave simply issued this challenge back in 2003, and it
became a web page, and a LOT of fun.
Every month, if you can get model built, you can send a pic in to Mr. Dan
Farnham, webmaster and Corsair Freak extraordinaire, and he'll post it on
the website, as soon as he's done seducing native girls in the lovely
Marshall Islands. It's just a fun and motivational way to people off their
butts and actually build something. Planes, armour, cars, figures, ships -
it's all good.
The last three years' worth of entries, as well as all the whats, whys, and
hows, can be found at
formatting link

Like I say, it's not a competition, it's not judged. It's simply to HAVE
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