Painting clear parts

I'm making a small CHP motorcycle. The windshield is clear plastic and lower
part needs to be painted white.
I'm using Humbrol gloss white (No. 22) but the first coat of paint applied
by brush looked streaky and showed brush marks. I have applied a second
coat which looks better, but there are still visible brush marks.
I am stirring the paint with a small electric motor before using for a
couple of minutes (but I did spill some of the contents of this small
tin ).
In the past I have had problems with gloss colours like red and yellow and
white. Darker colours and matt seem easier to use.
I have some Johnsons Klear now, but was going to use this after the final
coat of paint. Does anyone have any painting tips ? Thanks in advance.
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Most gloss paints are difficult to work with and will leave streak marks if applied by brush. I've never been satisfied with the results of the lighter Humbrol gloss colours, especially when applied by brush. I'm not suggesting there's anything wrong with them; just that I find them hard to work with.
For best results, use a light-coloured matt (or "flat") base coat. The coarser pigment in a matt paint will give the gloss coat something to "bite" into. Use white or very pale grey for a base coat to a gloss white top coat. As Jerry suggests, your best results will be from spraying, either by spray can or airbrush. Nevertheless, you may still require a couple of coats for good coverage. It's best to spray light coats to avoid runs & build-up on details, allow each to dry thoroughly and give a light rub with fine wet/dry or a moist Scotchbrite pad before applying the next coat.
Alternatively, follow Jerry's suggestion of using matt paints and simply finishing with a top coat or two of gloss varnish.
Just a small tip: add a very tiny amount of blue to your white paint (a small drop to the Humbrol tinlet should be enough). Not enough to visibly change the colour, but enough to help the coverage. This will also offset any future "yellowing" that white paints are notoriously susceptible to.
Good luck, James.
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James Venables
I mask off the areas to remain clear, spray with gloss topcoat to seal edges of tape, then prime the piece. I find clear pieces require prime unless you are willing to put on many coats of color.
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Don Stauffer in Minneapolis
Regarding using a mask, see the current (latest) issue of Scale Auto Enthusiast. There's an excellent article on making masks for clear plastic 'glass'. Optionally, you can view it online at
formatting link
Look for the yellow Camaro on the cover. The web site may show the previous issue with the 'Big Duece'; that's not the one you want.
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Mike Schatz

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