Panel line shading and priming

Greetings. I'm about to make my first excursion into mild weathering by
trying panel line shading. I use ModelMaster Acryl. Two questions:
1. I normally prime the aircraft with a coat of light grey. I assume panel
shading should occur *after* priming (?)
2. Do I even need to prime? There doesn't seem to be a consensus on this
topic. I've watched good modelers give video demonstrations of techniques,
and there was no priming coat.
Thanks very much.
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David E. Young
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As far as priming goes, you're right about that there's no consensus...however: *Acrylic paints seem to stick better to a primer. Because of the chemicals in enamels and laquers, a primer is not always needed there. *Some think that a primer coat can obscure details, which is certainly true. It's really up to you, what you like better, how you like the end product. It's your model, so experiment on a few, and go with what you like. -Matt K.
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Matt Kurjanowicz

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