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I'm in snooping this afternoon and as I leave contemplating the real value of a Tamiya F117 1/48 kit for $30 (I don't do aircraft but...) I spy in the parking lot a REAL 1955 Ford Crown Victoria, pink/white, V8, twice pipes, and wire curb guards, no skirts or continental kit but a beaut anyway. Sure brought back some memories.

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Nice to hear you saw something that brought back fond memories. I was at Hobby Lobby this afternoon and in the parking lot was a woman putting flyers on windsheilds. She runs up to me, gives me a flyer and proceeds to tell me that Jesus loves me and she sure hopes that I know how to get to heaven. I told her I was already there, and I walked....

Cheers, Max Bryant

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Max Bryant

told her I was already there, and I walked....

Don't you just love people who are so weak and insecure in their own religion that they feel the need to force it on othbers?

Back on topic, I always knew that my father had grown conservative after I arrived. He often talked about the days when he had an Indian motorcycle, and other times a Stanley Steamer, a Stutz Bearcat and a couple of other neat cars. He bought them used and tinkered with them in his spare time. The Stutz took him to Salt Lake City long before the roads were paved.

It's the models of those cars that got me into modeling with him. They airlplanes were my idea after hitching rides on Seabees in Sausalito in exchange for washing them. Years later I found out that he used to fly a Christenson flying boat from the pier at the end of Napa Street with a friend.

On my desk is a photo of my maternal grandfather ascending in a balloon in San Diego, so I guess I come by the flying and modeling bug honestly.


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It's been a running joke between my dad and me regarding the '59 Black on Red Corvette he had until he had a child!

Side Pipes Too No Less! Aaaargh...


Jay Beckman Chandler, AZ

PS...Can't really complain though...the 32 years he was at GM kept us in new cars and it still helps me catch a price break to this day!

Happy Modeling To All

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Jay Beckman

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