New Hobby Lobby in town

I was shopping in one of those big shopping plazas yesterday.
It was one where I only shop at one store pretty regularly.
As I was leaving the area of the lot where that store is, I happen to
glance across to the other end of the lot and saw a Hobby Lobby sign on
a long closed, very large vacant store.
There used to be a Bradleys there many years ago, then a furniture
store, then another store which I don't remember, then vacant for a
couple of years.
I had to stop and browse.
Alas, the model section is not that large, but it is much larger and had
more stuff than the local Michael's or A C Moore store in another plaza.
I bought a sprue cutter, a bottle of Testors liquid glue with the brush
applicator, and a "Touch-N-Flow" glue system.
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Incidentally, the Michaels and A C Moore stores in that other plaza are
abutting each other, sharing one wall. What planning!
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A new HL opened in Niagara Falls this past autumn as well. Oddly, it is hea= d and shoulders above the other in an eastern suburb of Buffalo. The guy ru= nning that one doesn't do bargain bins; he sells that stuff out to an Ollie= 's (similar to a Dollar General, but way bigger) But a 40% off for a good spray gun is too good to pass up on. I'm going to = Niagara Falls this Friday.
Regards, John Braungart
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The Old Man
Finally got one in New England last July located in Manchester, NH. So far I think its the only one in the area, but maybe we'll see more depending on how the store does.
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