Picture of German canteen being used?

for years I just glued these things onto the hips of 1/35 Germans. Now I want to actually have a figure drinking out of one.

anyone know how it looks when open? Is the lid attached by a strap of leather? Is the lid also a cup? Is there a threaded bottle top similar to the US canteen?

thx - Craig

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i have a real one, canteen, foldable spade...that i picked up in Germany, and Polish car boots (i lefta genuine German firemans helmet on a stall, with the leather neck cover, was priced at around 8 quid.....i told someone when i got back, and he sold one for 400...ouch)

I have a couple actually, inc a DDR one (and bread bag and jacket, and winter gloves, that my first German ex's grandfather used when he served) The design never really changed, just material and quality...will have to dig them out......and take a better look for you

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many thx for digging them out.


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Gunny had one on an episode of "Mail Call" which was run the other night on the Military History Channel.

Cap is a small cup and the canteen proper uses what looks like a black plastic top screw-off stopper.

Cookie Sewell

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