Pictures of Bf-110 B

Does anyone know where I'd find picture(s) of Bf-110 B, preferably
from a combat unit? I know some B were used during Polish campaign,
not sure about Norway or France. All I could find was one small photo
of a B from a training outfit.
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The following from Wiiliam Green's "Warplanes of the Third Reich":
Total production for Bf 110B (B-0, B-1, B-2, B-3): 45 aircraft. Operational units using the B: I(Z)/LG1, I/ZG1, I/ZG76, Ergänzungs (Zerstörer) Staffel [a training and replacement unit]. This last is the only quasi-operational unit for which I've seen a picture of a Bf 110B; aircraft number Red [an educated guess] 42 (outline in white). By the time the Polish campaign began, there were only 27 Bf 110B on inventory with the Luftwaffe, as compared to 65 Bf 110C, and some of the B were in the training and replacement staffel, so combat use in the Polish campaign would have been limited. The B was certainly out of front-line service by the end of 1939. The only operational version was the B-1. The B-2 was an unarmed PR bird that may or may not have been used operationally, and the B-3 was a trainer conversion, with the cannon or all guns removed. After removal from operational squadrons, all surviving Bs were converted to B-3 standard, except those used experimentally. B-3 were used as trainers through the end of 1940, and perhaps for a few months beyond.
Mark Schynert
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