Pro Modeller 1/48 F4U-5N... Hasegawa inside, right?

Just picked this up tonight at 50% off at hobby Lobby. Sale ended when the doors closed tonight so I had to hustle or else I would have asked first, bought second instead of the other way around. That's a Hasegawa mold in there, correct?

Anything I need to know here to avoid or fix? This is my first time on this version of the bent wing bird and when I Googled it a few hours ago I see there were some reservations with the Minicraft issue. The only thing that I had to look at twice was the canopy. I was expecting flatter and bulgier but I guess it's correct.

Jaguar and Victory Prod. put out detail/decal sets. Any others available and what were your opinions of the ones that you used? This link shows a shot of the VP decals. I'm leaning towards that USMC grey white scheme. Awfully inviting compared to old ho-hum blue.

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Opinions? Do share them.



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