Proctor Museum models?

Has anybody built a Proctor WWI museum aircraft strictly as a static model?
If so can you give any input as to quality and construction? Yes I know
they are expensive! jimbo p.s. also large as the Eindekker would be a
wingspan of 100"!
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Know a few folk that have...they are meant to be flying scale R/C models, and any skill or tool required for the construction of a flying R/C model will be required for building a Proctor kit. (A router attachment for your Dremel will be useful, for on thing...) They are, however, very high quality kits and try to hold as closely as possible to the contruction of the original aircraft. You will be working for the most part with wood, metal, and fabric. Looking over their price list, I'd be very surprised if you didn't end up laying out upwards of or well in excess of $1000 to finish one of these "right"...just for the kit and parts alone.
BTW...who wanted a Jenny in any scale?..
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That model reminds me of my Uncle Henry Curran, late of Altoona, PA (gone now these close to fifty years). He trained for the Great War down in Texas (Kelly Field?) in Jennys. He soloed two days before the Armistace, and never flew again.
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The Old Man
Certainly a magnificent model. Looking over the Proctor price list, it looks as if only a select few of their subjects are still available as kits - but plan sets for the full subject line are available. Those would look really nice framed, I'd think.
And there's a wealth of photo packs available - one for Jennys at Kelly Field, if you'd like.
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Not the Proctor, but a cheaper though still large, are the Guillows flying scale models. These are balsa and tissue models, but can be built as shelf scale, and covered with styrene, card stock or thin aluminum. I am building an SBD Dauntless now. They are now including more optional details for building shelf scale models in the latest re- releases. I built the Dauntless about thirty years ago and the one I just bought has many more options and parts.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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