Re: Anyone For A 1/72 "SPRUCE GOOSE"???

Wow, I could drive over sometime and see if they take walk-ins. :)
And I didn't even hear of this!
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
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ISTR an article around 20 - 25 years ago in IPMS Q or J that covered a scratchbuilt Spruce Goose. I think it was carved foam covered with plastic. The 2 Antonovs will be cool too.
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Frank May
Very interesting. Liked the look of the Antonovs, but intrigued by the links (that failed) to Ken Duffey building them. Are you busy at the moment, Ken?
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Jonathan Stilwell
Getting ready to go to St P (Il-38), Moscow (MAKS), Tver (An-22 ?), Torzhok (Ka-50) & Ryazan (Tu-95).
The story is that I helped Chris Rodak with some drawings and photos - so he promised me one of the first kits - on the understanding that I built it and did a review.
The link from his website is in anticipation of that review !
So - I'm not planning anything for the next 6 months !
See you at Heathrow on Saturday !
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Ken Duffey
Gonna' need a bigger club stand....
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Jonathan Stilwell

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