Re: Eduard DVII question?

"Greg Heilers" wrote
> Stupid question. What is the difference between a Fokker DVII (OAW) vs >> the
>> Fokker DVII(FOK) versions?
> Isn't it the different engines, and thus the different
> cowl areas?
OAW will have different cowl, upper engine panels, radiator (maybe) and
exhaust (maybe). It'll also have the handling grips on the rear fuselage
mounted differently, and different lozenge application practice.
But perhaps an even stupider question: Why
> the interest in the Eduard kit? Isn't the Dragon/DML
> kit still obtainable, and isn't it an excellent kit,
> even better than the Eduard kit?
No. It's occassionally available from the dusty back shelves or swap tables
but hasn't been produced for years and isn't an OAW version. AND the tailfin
is very undersized, rudder is misshapen and the fuselage also somewhat
incorrect. That said, if you fix fin and rudder it isn't bad.
One thing it isn't by any judgemet though, is better than the Eduard kit.
The Roden kits are also much better than the old DML/Dragon but a little
more work to build than the Eduard. OTOH and in my opinion they are also
more accurate and have far better treatment of the wing surface than
Eduard's thick rib tapes. Because I prefer the look of the wings, this is
my choice of the available kits.
Shane (with two built and one unbuilt DML D.VII among the more recent kits)
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Shane Weier
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"Bill Shatzer" wrote
Mostly true, though the small D shaped louvres were used only on mid-production OAW aircraft. Early and late builds had either a few vertical louvres, or a lot of vertical louvres!
There's also an extra triangular access panel at the rear of the main engine panels which is not on the Fokker builds IIRC
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Shane Weier
What does OAW mean vs FOK which I assume refers to Fokker? Jim
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