Re: ---> "The Edward "(e)" Kohout PedoFAQ" <--- ALL OF YOU READ THIS

Will you PLEASE stop crossposting this shit into alt.battlestar-galactica!

I don't know anything about this Kohout character, and really don't give a shit about this crusade to attack him relentlessly on Usenet. He may or may not be the biggest asshole God ever put breath into. He may or may not be a pedophile. I don't know. What I do know is that I'm from the alt.battlestar-galactica newsgroup, and if this person you claim is Kohout is in our group, then he hasn't said or done anything in our group that merits this crossposted shit.

I am asking all of you who post about this Kohout character to stop crossposting into alt.battlestar-galactica. If he is the pedophile asshole you claim he is, then by all means, hammer his worthless ass. But not in alt.battlestar-galactica. We don't want our newsgroup to be part of your witch hunt battleground.

Most of us don't even respond to this continuing thread about Kohout, and most have probably killfiled all senders of this stuff. If this Kohout is in our group and gets out of line or says something incriminating, then we'll slam his ass. But until then, please remove us from your recipient list.

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The Evil Fuckaire
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Dude, you are wasting your breath. However, I suppose one needs to vent and get it off your chest. ;-D

Anyway, someone like this doesn't even read any replies. They just love to spam.


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