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Wasn't the address of the hobby shop in question somewhere in Lake Michigan?

And as for stirring the pot at the Nationals, I would think just slipping in a nude figure would do it. ;)

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak
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IIRC it was in the middle of a river or something like that.

The funniest thing about old Flyspeck was tracking him/her down, something that someone here did on a long paint-drying day. He/she was a transexual working in the unwanted hair removal industry.

It was almost as much fun watching some of the good folks here become so furious. Flyspeck was manipulating people like a pro.

Wonder whatever happened to good old Shiela?


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Bill commente4d:

Yeah, but if he was really, really good....the nude figure would be a pair, male and female, made from fecal matter.

oxmoron1 MFE

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in article, OXMORON1 at wrote on 07/01/03 10:03 AM:

Man, I can just see the judges and hear their comments.

"That figure looks like CRAP!"

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Milton Bell

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