Re: What were your biggest goofs when building models?

Howdy guys! If you could 'help a brother out',(!), what should I Avoid

> when putting a scale model together? I'm famous for making those big > ol' fingerprints out of hardened glue, unsanded parts, etc. > I strongly believe in learning from mistakes. If you could go back in > time and talk to yourself, what advice would you list to head off > mistakes? > Thanks, this is a good group.

Always screw down the caps on glue, paint, etc., immediately when through using.

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Felix D.
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what's that, sticky?

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buying too GD many of them......


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1) Trial parts to make sure you know exactly how the part fits before gluing it, or trying to modify it to make it fit., 2) Don't trial fit parts in such a way that you can't get them apart again for permanent assembly. 3) LET THE PAINT DRY COMPLETELY BEFORE YOU TOUCH IT, DAMMIT!! (sorry, I'm a little sensitive about that one, D'oh! (slaps head)....)
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Starting more than one Merlin kit...!!!



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blashphemy...u can never have to many unmade models....hey the bird flu could hit tomorrow.....who would be safer? .......sitting at home making all of those collected

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last year when I was sick for a week I thought I would spend a day building models. got all set up with what I needed, except that I was out of glue. went a bit bonkers with that one...


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