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I built two panthers to take to AMPS in 01. One had the Eduard Zimmerit and one the Cavalier.

While I have had some small fit issues with other Cavalier sets ( Bergepanther and Brumbar) the Panther G set fit perfectly. I used 5min epoxy and other than one side plate slipping and needing to be held in place with tape, no porblems. I did like the inclusion of the resin mg ball piece. The 'scale effect' and variations in the pattern look quite realistic to my eye. It is quite easy to chop the stuff up to simulate battle damage.

The Eduard set fit perfectly too, but the curved sections for the Mantlet corners were tricky. One seam popped free during transit, but that's my fault. The pattern looks a bit shallow and regular to my eye, but who really knows how deep 1/35th of a zimmerit pattern should be?! It is harder to simulate battle damage on the metal Eduard set, but it is very well scaled out for use with the kit parts and other Eduard sets. Eduard doen NOT include a resin mg ball, but does include a set of 'rakes' to do your own. It works ok, but definately an edge to cavalier there.

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