Request for Comments (RFC) : TR1609 - Trumpeter Tupolev Tu-142MR Bear-J Reconnaissance


Anyone have any early comments about this one.

Specifically, I remember there were shipping problems with the last "Bear" from Trumpeter which resulted in a "torn" canopy.

What has/have been people(s) experience(s)?

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The canopy in my Bear-J is fine, as was the one in my Bear-H, which I got as soon as it was released.

Not much to say about the new release as, other than being a different version, it is the same level of detail as the previous kit. The sprue with the fuselage halves is the only change. The wings, gear, engines, props, and other bits are all the same as before. The fuselage halves are completely retooled and include the large dorsal antenna, nose radar and side aerials, ventral trailing wire fairing (the cone-shaped drouge is a seperate part), and tail boom molded as part of the fuselage. Markings by Cartograf for Black 12, 15, 16, 17, or 18 in overall silver, but I'll probably paint mine in light gray as shown in International Air Power review Vol. 6. You also get generic numbers, if you want to make the other 5 or so Bear-Js that exist.


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