russian ww2 tank colors

besides green, what colors would a kv-1c have been? i'm building a eastern express and am sick of the russian armor green.

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Which one did you buy? They make several; do you mean KV-1S?

Most of them are sorry to say "protective green" (e.g. FS34102) but some early ones had brown bands on them. The only camo I recall seeing on a regular basis on the KV-1S was white for snow.

However, the KV-1S did tend to wear a lot of different markings, and one in the kit has the awards the crew one on it (e.g Order of the Red Banner, Order of the Red Star) and is quite flashy when done.

Cookie Sewell

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Which KV-1 variants were used by the Finns, and could be seen in the kinky-cool multi-colored gray/brown/green scheme?

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Greg Heilers

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