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Hi group
First of all, sorry to those who consider this spam...
But maybe some people here might be interessted in the idea of sharing their
knowledge online.
On www.vabok .com its possible to up- and download any kinf of self-written
texts, from 600-page fantasy novel to manuals, guides, collections of
recipies.. whatever you can write down.
And it would be great if some of you wuold support this site by submitting
(I think of guides on how to maintain the technical parts, scratch building,
do-it-yourself tips etc.)
Best regards,
(Building models, mainly RC ships from standard plastic kits, myself)
For questions or comments pls mail me at
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That's not spam; if you can provide a place to put tips and suggestions on modeling techniques, it's a fine service. Thank you.
--- Stephen
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Stephen Tontoni

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