SR-71 and KC-135

Who was it...several months ago, expressing interest in doing
the SR-71 and KC-135 tandem project. We discussed the merits of doing
it in 1/144th scale, and the models available.
Are you still interested in the 1/144th SR-71 by LS? If so, I have two
of them unbuilt (one still shrink-wrapped). Contact me by email if you
are still interested.
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Greg Heilers
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If you don't get in touch with the guy, would there be any chance of getting you to ship one to Denmark? I know, it is half around the globe. If yes, how much for kit+shipping?
Yes, I know, I'm mad (about the SR-71) that is :-)
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Uffe Bærentsen
No problem, other than I already sort of "promised" someone else here... if the original "mystery person" never reveals himself. However, I think the same kit is still available under the Arii label; so perhaps you can more easily obtain one that way.
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Greg Heilers

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