Thinning Tamiya Putty

I have read that Tamiya putty (regular stuff, not epoxy) can be thinned successfully with Testors liquid cement. However, I have not come across how this should be mixed or in what quantities. I'd appreciate any advice in this area. Thanks.


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Hi Mike;

Yes you can, as an example, I keep three bottles of the mix.

One I start by dipping/cleaning the paint brush or whatever tool I use to apply putty in an almost empty bottle of liquid cement. Eventually it settles/accumulates on the bottom.

The other two are simply different degrees of mixture. In an empty bottle of cement I put putty and add cement to "taste". With a brush I mix them throughly and label them with a marker, i.e. "thick", "thicker". Then I clean the brush in the first bottle to add more "sediment" to it.

The mixtures are not as strong as the full putty and if applied heavyly there's a degree of shrinkage so you want to use thin applications to allow for it.

Being that there's more cement in the mix it evaporates faster, still, give it time for the application to set/cure.

Be well.

}&>) Kitt

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Depends on how thin you want the putty. The more cement you add, the more liquid the putty will be, and the more it'll shrink as it dries.

As for how, I just squeeze some putty out onto a palette, add a few drops of cement using the bottle's brush, and mix it with a stir stick.

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Wayne C. Morris

faux acetone can be had at the cosmetics counter without the health hazard.

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But does "faux acetone" work as a solvent for the Tamiya putty?

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RC Boater

Hi Mike,

I don't know about thinning it to a near-liquid consistency, nor storing a thinned potion of the stuff, but to soften it a little just for more "workability" (eg. squeezing it into a wing-root join), I generally just use a drop or two of methylated spirits. I recall reading an instruction from Tamiya at some stage (on the tube or box?) suggesting it be thinned with denatured alcohol.

I frequently find myself only using a very small portion of putty to fill small imperfections, unwanted locating holes, narrow joins, etc. Rather than muck about with smelly solvents, I often just dab a drop of saliva on the palette and mix it into the putty - works like a charm.

As a rule, I leave the putty in the tube where it was designed to be, and just use as much as I require for each job, either as it comes or thinned a little as described above. I therefore haven't tried thinning large wads of the stuff and storing it in a separete jar or container. Perhaps a better solvent is required for this???

Hope this helps. James V.

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James Venables

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