Mr. Surfacer 500 - available? Substitutes?

I tried ordering Mr. Surfacer 1000 and 500 from my local hobby shop; only the
1000 came in.
Now I'm looking on the web, and it looks like they're out of stock in a lot of
Is Mr. Surfacer out of production? What would be a good substitute. I'd like
to use it as a seam filler.
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HobbyLink Japan has Mr. Surfacer 500 and 100 in stock, in both bottles and spray cans. Buying just 1 or 2 bottles wouldn't be cost-effective due to the overseas shipping, so I'd recommend padding out the order with other stuff, maybe tools & supplies you need, or a kit or three.
If you need a substitute, you can thin regular model putty (not the 2-part kind) with liquid cement to get something close to the consistency of Mr. Surfacer 500.
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Wayne C. Morris
Thanks! I would like to get the Mr. Surfacer 500 if I can. Are there any domestic U.S. distributors?
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The following usually has it in stock:
formatting link
If you want to go the high volume, cheap route, go to your local automotive paint dealer and get either Dupont Grey Auto Primer or 5 Star Auto Products Hi-Solids Acrylic Laquer Primer Surfacer (1 Quart can for $12). While at the auto paint store, ask the manager what other stuff (putties, epoxies, etc.) that model builders buy. I asked that question of a local paint store manager and he surprised me with a 20 minute tour of his warehouse and showed me about 10 different products that model builders buy and use.
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Art Murray

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