Re: Mr Surfacer Questions

1. Should I use 500 or 1000?
The way I think of it is:
500 can hide the scuff marks from 500-grit sandpaper.
1000 can hide the scuff marks from 1000-grit sandpaper.
That's not 100% accurate, but it sets you off in the right direction, anyway.
500 has more filling property than 1000. 1000 dries very smooth -- semi-gloss.
2. What is the preferred method of application, brush or airbrush?
I spot prime 500 with a sable brush.
When I am ready for final inspection I airbrush with it thinned down with
Mr. Thinner.
3.How long does it need to dry before sanding?
Wait until you can't smell it any more.
But you can cheat on that. Anywhere from 1 hour to overnight.
4.Do you coat the entire model or just where you have worked on the seams?
I use 500 while I am developing the surface. I don't care if it is sanded
all the way off or not. There is usually a laminate of primer and putty in
very thin applications. When I think I've got it about right, I do an
all-over with 1000. If I do any corrections to the 1000 coat, it is
usually just to smooth out dust specks and similar light flaws.
I let it get good and dry, frequently using a food dehydrator to help it
along. Then I polish the surface with 1200 grit or finer -- sometimes even
micromesh cloths. Depends on what is going over it. If I am going with a
thin finish like Alclad, I will polish the primer very fine. If I am doing
automotive colors I will be color sanding anyway so I am not as critical.
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