Mr Surfacer 1000 problems

I sent this before but it never hit the NG
I tried airbrushing Mr. Surfacer 1000 tonight and ran into several problems.
First of all it dried in and clogged the tip of my Paasche H airbrush even
with the tip almost wide open. Secondly, when it did spray I got lots of
"cobwebs." I thinned it with the same lacquer thinner I have always used
with other lacquers and the pressure was about 18-20 psi. What am I doing
wrong? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Pete
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The Laws
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in article u3Tib.49416$, The Laws at wrote on 10/14/03 8:42 AM:
Sounds like it was a little too thick. As for the cobwebs, I avoided that problem when I switched from lacquer thinner to Mr. Color Thinner. It still dries fast and goes through my Iwata with no problem. I've also used it in a Badger. Just be sure to clean up as soon as you are through painting. And for that I do use lacquer thinner.
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Milton Bell
Thin it heaps with lacquer thinner (and usual safety precautions).
Too thick.
You can almost thin this stuff to death and it will spray OK.
Best method I've the aerosol cans. Quicker, easier, cleaner, and a can will do a lot of models.
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The Raven

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