Mr. Surfacer Thinner?

I would like to spray the Mr. Surfacer 1000 I've got and know there's a special thinner designed specifically for it. The local hobby shop only had something called Mr. Color Thinner -- no Mr. Surfacer Thinner. Is there a difference?


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Scott Nagle
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Never heard of a thinner specifically for Mr. Surfacer, and can't find anything like that at HLJ or Rainbow 10. Ordinary lacquer thinner works fine for me.

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Wayne C. Morris


I've never used Mr. Color thinner so I can't say whether it's the same as Mr. Surfacer Thinner or not.

You can purchase Mr. Surfacer thinner from internet sites...I have, but don't remember which one, either Squadron, Roll Models or Great Models.

As an alternative you can thin Mr. Surfacer for airbrushing with lacquer thinner or denatured alcohol.


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Mr. Color Thinner is what I've used for years.

Use a vapor mask with it (and all paints and thinners). With the exception of Acetone, Mr. Thinner is the most volatile thinner I use.


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Art Murray

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