Trojan - T-28B to T-28C

Converting the Monogram T-28B [or D] to a T-28C? Has anyone ever done this conversion? Obviously the underside of the rear fuselage has to be cut down and modified along with the rudder but are there any other big pitfalls?

I think the tail hook and smaller diameter prop with the wider blades can be figured out but other than that is there something I'm missing?

Thanks. cheers - Jim.

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nyone ever done

Didn't Airmodel do a conversion kit for this back in the day? I seem to recall one, would have been a vacuum-formed fuselage and ~maybe~ a new canopy. Theie conversions were mostly pretty nice, but they have to be scare by now.

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The Old Man

******* Hey! Now that would be neat. I'll start the search but as you say it may take quite a bit of digging. Thanks for the lead.

Cheers - Jim.

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It was a complete 1/72, not 1/48 kit.

anyone ever done

e wider blades

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