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Speaking of Lindberg, I just got my hands on a new rendition of their
old Victor in 1/96. It is sharply moulded in good solid plastic and like
the Vulcan has raised lines that seem reduced from their former heights.
The kit represents the prototypes of which there were two, WB771 and
WB775. It more likely is WB775 since the fin does not have the dorsal
strake and air scoop of the first example.
To make a B.Mk.1 one needs two kits to lengthen the fuselage about a
half inch ahead of the engine inlets and the fin needs to be shortened a
Now, my question is what size were the serials on the rear fuselage and
underwing? The kit decals are for a production article so I'll be
furnishing my own, I hope.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
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Are you intending to do a prototype or a B.1?
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The prototype, WB775.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
As it happens, I'm reading the Crowood Press book "V-Bombers" by Barry Jones which has some pictures of WB775.
There is an air inlet at the base of the fin, similar to that of WB771. Very obvious from the front. For the turbo-alternator, apparantly.
Rolled out in a scheme chosen by Sir Fredrick Handley-Page consisting of a matt black fuselage with a thin red cheat line, silver-grey wings and tail unit, almost the same as WB771 got, but with no grey panel under the fuselage. Underwing serials appear to be standard size (it's difficult to be sure), but the rear fuselage serial is larger than the miniscule digits on 771, but smaller than the serials that appeared on the production aircraft.
Repainted overall gloss cerulean blue for the 1955 Farnborough display, serial sizes appear unchanged.
There are lots of pics of 771 found by a quick search, but nothing for 775.
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Alan Dicey

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