We Need a Scale Model Museum

I've sold, and built on commission a lot. no real regrets here either.

Except for selling off a DML JS 2 in 1992 after doing a really nice job. Dont know why, but I miss this one.

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I would think that raffle prize plastic models should be in display cases whenever possible. They are not as sturdy and able to be handled like diecasts. Also, they are one-off pieces of art.

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You guys need to talk to Mark S. Gustavson . He heads the model car museum. He and some other car modelers have been working on this for a long time. I don't know the website, but he does run the Custom Clinic site and you could probably get in touch with him there.

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Willshak wrote:

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Hey, It's Me!

Cool idea. I could charge people to tour my attic and garage

"see all of the old man's crap!"


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I thought of charging for all to see my 'room' of unbuilts but they would all have to be skinny as you gotta walk sidyways to get around . Gotta do some thinning (of the collection that is) Me too .


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Check the Custom Clinic address above in 'Hey, It's Me!''s post. I've corresponded with MSG a bit but can't recall the exact town.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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