Worst response from store i have ever had

Came accross

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took a look around and had a good few things i wanted, also some stuff i wasnt sure, as i specificly wanted some 24/25th lightbars from the late 70's as fitted to CHP kits, simular to some YODEL kits, got a response saying we dont know, have a guess, what they did say check out was wrong, ie bubble gum etc as i have a few just not the right ones, i had thought as they specialise in this stuff they would know.

I also asked them if they had any other CHP decals apart from Chimneyville, as i have this set, which doesnt like microsol/set, i just cant them to lay dead flat and have no outline around, even after a coulple of coats of gloss, just looks like a sticker.

No thankyou for enquiring, hello, goodbye etc just a short rudeish message...trouble is it seems they have the aftermarket bits i need, a couple of other places i really wanted stuff from i wont use as they are bad too, but it seems im up the creek without a paddle on this.

FC decals do CHP i have been told but there website is PDF file and all my

5 puters refuse to open it correct.

On a lighter note i bought off US ebay this week a gen CHP shirt, jacket and now om looking for the trousers, boots and helmet......i think im gonna be single soon!

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Julian Hales
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Will you be auditioning for a part in the new Village People tribute band too?? :-P


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