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I've received confirmation from Rainbow-10 that Gunze Sangyo have discontinued all the H-300 and up Aqueous Hobby colours. Just a heads up for those who use them. Apparantly the Aqueous Hobby colours have always enjoyed far more limited sales than the Mr Color laquers, which according to them continue to sell "very well". I had the kind of feeling that although the Aqueous acrylics are what they're known for worldwide, their major market remains Japan where the laquer is king. Doesn't bother me, the Mr Color laquers are all I use anyway, but it's bad news for the acrylic users.

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Drewe Manton
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Oh man first Aeromaster, then this... F___ing A. Really disappointed Pavlos

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Pavlos the Greek Modeler

But, I sure would like to see the Lacquers make distribution in the USA!


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*That* could explain why two hobby shops I know had big sales because "their distrubution channel was not going to offer it" The little sneaks.........Time to stock up a bit of paint I guess. I will meet you over at Roll Models and or Squadron.

Rick Griewski

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Richard Griewski

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