yellow wings F-16

I'm wondering if anyone has seen this,and more importantly,when will some (1/72) decals be available?!

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I bet TwoBobs is already working on it.

Stephen "FPilot" Bierce/IPMS #35922 {Sig Quotes Removed on Request}

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Stephen Bierce

thx. now you gave us all an opportunity to rebuy all our planes and repaint them in blue and chrome yellow.

B-36, Stealth, B-52, wheeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Would this be the basis for an informal contest: Best 1930's paint job on a Modern Jet? Pictures could be posted and a members vote would decide the winner. Criteria would be appropriateness of the color scheme and markings to the subject, (British marking on a British Plane for example, Navy scheme on a Navy Fighter)

Jack G.

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Jack G

White flag of surrender on anything Dutch :o)


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"kim" wrote in news:Ke-

Aww. now that was uncalled for. We were overrun!!

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Go back one war and paint a Bf-109 in the lozenge scheme.

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Suddenly I feel the urge to paint a P-26 in Compass Ghost Greys with toned-down insignia. ;)

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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I wish someone would make kits of these:

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Pat Flannery

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