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Was wondering how many of you if any, are using the 2D Emulator Add-in in
Solidworks. I noticed that the cursor "acts" differently when the emulator
is active. I am a active command user when in AutoCAD and I would use it in
Solidworks if it were intutitive. I would love to see the Keyboard short cut
feature expanded on. the limitation of ony one character as the shortcut is
a pain for me. Also, does anyone know of a place to see or print out a list
of the suppported commands in the SW Emulator?
Larry Jedik
Currier Plastics Inc.
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Larry Jedik
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When I came over from Mechanical Doorstop, I tried the 2D emulator. It's not functional enough to use for 2d work, and it hinders learning the SW way of doing things.
I too miss the command aliases from Acad, but I doubt we'll get them anytime soon in SW, since that's a very un-Windows point and drool way to do things.
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Dale Dunn
The 2D emulator is best used in just the first day or 2 after a new SolidWorks install, where a user just can't make a line without typing `L'. It lets you make a drawing or part sketch on that first day, but slows down your learning of the new system.
In the 2004 Help menu, look at the "Moving from AutoCAD" topic. In there are several command maps between AutoCAD and SolidWorks command names. Print some of these pages out and keep them by the monitor if need be.
There are a few AutoCAD to SolidWorks related posts in the following forum:
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of which has a map of exactly which AutoCAD shortcuts can be duplicated in SolidWorks and a hyperlink to a PDF of the recent SWCommunity.com feature article on the subject.
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FYI, DesignSmith
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