3D Partstream info needed

I've got a client who wants to add 3D models on his website of his
products so customers can download them. They have about 6 variables and
are fairly simple devices. Sounds like an application for Partstream.
But what is Partstream exactly? Is it an application, or a series of web
page templates? How do you design the model so that it can be
Partstreamed? Do you load assemblies and parts on the server? How do you
tailor the web page to the product? Do you load Solidworks on the
server? How is it able to provide all those 3D formats, including Pro E?
Is the customer signup/database page included? Where can I find more
practical how-to info on the web? And finally,
What are the costs of the software and or templates? Or are they
included in 2006 Office? (I have 2004 basic) My client wants to host it
on his own server, so there should be no hosting costs.
I thank you all in advance for enlightening this ignoramous. My local
VAR directed me to S/W, and I spent a less than enlightened 10 minutes
listening to a sales pitch, before I said I'd get back to him.
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Brian, 3DPartStream is a business, a service. Their job is to post on 3D ContentCentral web site and on clients web sites product catalogues. I don't know how it works but I think is more than just web templates arrangement : it is SW modeling, HTML, ASP and other web application programming.
Regarding Pro/E, CATIA, and other MCAD platforms - did you tried to download a file from their site and open it in Pro/E, CATIA, etc ? I did and what I see is just an imported feature. Basically, they use a single MCAD solution ( SW i guess ) and export models as STEP, IGES, PARASOLID or other 3D neutral files. It's impossible to make PARAMETRICALLY all parts and assys in all MCAD platforms. If you are a client, do you want that everybody in this world to see how you have modeled your products, with all history ? It is normal to post only relevant details on web site. Chinese are next door.
About relations between SW and clients, I don't have a clue.
Take a look on
formatting link
'll find some data about 3DPartStream.
No, they don't include this in any SW release. You have to talk with 3DPartStream guys about pricing and business related issues.
Take care, SWPriest
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