? Best place to find electrical connector models besides 3D content central

Just wondering if someone out there knows a place to find these files in
Soldiworks fles. 3D content central is limited and I would like some
alternates. Molex has igs for most of there connectors and Amp has some too.
Any other sources?
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If you need a specific connector check with the manufacturer. I was able to get models of Lemo connectors directly from the mfr. I have also gotten specialized AMP automotive connector models that were not available from the website, by contacting customer support directly. There are literally tens of thousands of connectors out there. If you are looking for a specific one I would suggest contacting the mfr directly. Most are very helpful. They all have the models available, because they had to have them to create the connector in the first place.
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Robin Boudreault
Another good source might be the ThomasRegister Part Spec.
Try this address :
formatting link
Good Luck.
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John Kreutzberger

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