C++ DLL in visual basic 6 project

i have a DLL with api built into it. this DLL was made in visual C++.
id like to use it in my visual basic 6 project. when i try to add it
as a reference its says. "Can't add reference to the specified file."
does anyone know what i can do.
Sean Phillips.
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Sean Phillips
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Try the Group
I am sure someone there knows how to make a custom C++ app referencable in VB
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Corey Scheich
actually you have to declare every single function/procedure you want to use in the initial part of any vb source file --.mdb or .frm--. it is not enough to add a reference to a .dll: it would be ok only for some particular dlls. ask some vb newsgroup for details.
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Gianni Rondinini

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