Can I make Smart Mates smarter

Hello All,
I think the subject line says it all. I made some smart mates in a part
that I'm working on, however I can't get it to "snap" to my pin in the
assembly. The part is a little roller and I want to have a concentric &
coincident relationship, but it seems that the concentric is all I'm able to
Any thoughts???
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You can mate a pin to a hole by selecting either the hole edge or the pin edge and dragging close to the hole. It will only give you one mate if you have chamfers or fillets though. If you do have the chamfers and fillets may I suggest making a low detail config specifically for mating. Once you have mated you can change back to your detailed config and the mates will almost always continue to work. If you are mating to a pin and the surface of anothe part you might want to try mate references. Remember that tab will flip the last or previewed mate as long as smartmate is still on.
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Corey Scheich
I'd go the manual mate route--you're smarter than the mates are...
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