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the last time i tried setting up a LookOUT client, it wouldn't import the email that I had exported form LookOUT in the first place!!!

I had to reformat the drive, so i figured back all the email then import once done reinstalling everything.

outlook wouldn't import outlook mail, so I figured I'd try mozilla. And guess what?

Mozilla imported the mail that outlook couldn't.

shitty M$.

--nick e.

p.s. I only refer to microsoft as M$ because MS == MandrakeSoft :)

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Nick E.
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I recently set up an IMAP server on my Linux box at home. Fetchmail retrieves all my mail from three different POP accounts. The mail is then fed to procmail which has one rule which runs each message through SpamAssassin. SpamAssassin adds a header indicating which messages are SPAM (about 98% accurate). Once that is all done, the mail is ready to be read. The nice thing about IMAP is that my mail is available to me from anywhere. As long as I have an internet connection, I can view the mail stored on my Linux box. When I read mail at work, it shows up as 'Read' at home and vice versa.

Jim S.

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Jim Sculley


i just did that too!!!

just got imap working sunday night as a matter of fact.


Just gotta finish tweaking procmail & spamassassin, then get squirrelmail running.

I have more stuff in my procmailrc than you do tho. I assume certain things are never spam (stuff from family, etc).

for some reason, I had to remove everything but "authpam" from my authdaemonrc file for courierIMAP to work. it wouldn't just go thru the list.

Now I have to find a simple dummy-proof way of getting my mail remotely over SSH. :)

-nick e.

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Nick E.

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