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Hello, SW does not seem to be able to distinguish the change in density when I change configurations on drawings. What I always get is the mass for the "active" configuration of the part. The same part could have different configurations for different types of material and so the mass should change on a drawing when I change sheets to show different configurations of the same part. This issue seems elementary but I don't know how to accomplish it. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Example: (not a real life project) I want to produce a bunch of cast iron cubes x 6" square. First, I build a wood pattern that will be the shape of the cube. From the wood pattern I produce an aluminum part, also in the shape of the cube. The aluminum part becomes the final "pattern" that I will use to cavity out the mold to pour hot metal into--producing the cast iron cube.

I model the cast iron part in SW, add a configuration for the aluminum and another configuration for the wood. Material types correctly state the density as I toggle through the three different configurations. I produce a three page drawing that has the cast iron cube on page one, the aluminum cube on page two and the wood cube on page three.

The mass for each cube is: Cast Iron: 61# Aluminum: 21# Wood: 4#

On my three page drawing I get the SAME mass being displayed on each page. If the active configuration happens to be the cast iron then the aluminum and wood also show 61# on their respective drawings. If I change the active configuration to wood all three pages go to 4#, etc.

SW should be able to handle this kind of simple change. Why can't I get the configuration specific "density" to change the mass on my drawings? My "SW workaround" is to print one page at a time after I changing the material type.

I hope the problem is me and not SW because I have some large drawing sets with a lot of configurations and this issue is expensive to deal with.

(The simple example above does not take in consideration shrinkage allowance or draft.)

TIA! Bernie

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Bernie Mares
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You are almost there. You have defined the Density property in the model. You require a Linked note in the drawing. For each Sheet, utilize Link to Property. There are three options. You are selecting the current model specific in Sheet Properties. You want to link your note to the view configuration.

Regards, Marie

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I was wrong in my description. Change the material type on one configuration and all the configurations change to that type of material. Why?? Material type should be configuration specific just like any other feature. The only difference I see is that "material type" it is way high in the tree. If I can get the material type to be configuration specific then I show mass correctly in individual drawings. With the material type propigating through all the configurations I see no way to show the correct mass of a part on a combined drawing set. If I set the material type to steel then the aluminum and wood parts show up in the drawing as weighing the same as steel....


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Bob J.

SW2004 doesn't allow a different material for different configs. SW2005 does.


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Wayne Tiffany

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