Change file properties across multiple files

I can't find a tool that will allow me to change a custom property (in a
drawing file for example) across multiple files. Not ADD a custom property,
but change it. I've found several that can add properties. A typical
drawing package for me could be upwards of 30 individual drawing files. If
those all change status (from 'To Be Approved' to 'Production' for example),
I believe that I have to change that property one by one in each file--not
very productive.
Does such a tool exist? Thank you in advance,
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Brian Mears
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yes, this tool DOES exist. you might even have it already. the one that good ol' bob z. uses doesn't allow you to change a property. you have to delete the property first and then add it back in. a pain yes, but it does work.
bob z.
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bob zee
Wow! Long time no here from (or is it just me?). I missed you buddy. How come so sparse?
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Two things that might help:
1.) "Propagator", available at
2.) Macro available at -- This one allows copying info to active SW doc from another. Sometimes I'll build a scratch template SW part to hold properties and copy to other parts.
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formatting link
Try this. It's free too.
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Ken Maren
This is the program bob zee was talking about.
Ken Maren wrote:
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