Colors in SW2004?

Is it just me or has something changed with respect to the color of parts in 2004?

It seems that in previous versions if you did not set a face or feature color then changing the part color would affect the entire part.

In 2004 SP3 it seems that faces and features automagically take on the color set for them in "Tools...Options" just as if you had set them.

As a result, if I make a simple part, say a block with another block growing from it, and change the part color via Click part name in feature tree and then Edit Color toolbar icon nothing happens unless I remove all face and/or feature colors.

I don't remember this being the case before.

Is there any way to NOT set face colors when creating features?

There is a check box in Tools...Options...Document...Colors called "Ignore Feature Colors" that seems to almost do this. At least the entire part changes color if you haven't set any face colors, BUT you can not intentionally set feature colors if you use this, only individual face colors.



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Mike Atlas
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i ran into this same issue.

i ended up re-creating my templates (start with the default templates from '04)

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kenneth b

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I thought mine was working as it should. I started a new part, put in a rectangle, extruded it out. Then LMB the Part1 name at the top of the FT and clicked the color icon to change its color to light blue. Then I clicked the front face, started a sketch, created a circle, extruded it out. It picked up the same light blue as the part. Did I miss a step somewhere?


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Wayne Tiffany

maybe it was "i" that missed something. no matter, i couldn't for the life of me get my '03 templates to work properly. it's sometimes funny how some things worked before an upgrade. :)

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kenneth b

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