Cosmetic threads still honked up 2004 SP1

As best I can tell, the new cosmetic thread feature that maps a picture of threads onto the inside surface of a tapped hole has not been fixed in SP1.0. It works fine on one hole, but does not show up in patterns. The regular cosmetic thread (dashed circle) shows up just fine though. My questions:

  1. How can I check to see if this is a known issue to SWX?
  2. How can I determine what service pack this will be repaired in?
  3. How can I turn off the picture of the thread on the parent hole so that the pattern all looks the same?

Thanks in advance.

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Mickey Reilley
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Hey Mickey....

...on a different topic - did you fix up a new database file for 2004 hole wizard like you did for the last release? You know, so ya don't have to have a drill chart up on the wall to know what size hole you're going to get when you pick a #47 drill bit? Or can you just use your old file? I'm a little gun shy to just go in and muck around with that file any more, the way it would mess up the hole wizard....


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Steve Rauenbuehler

Yeah, I was waiting for someone to ask. I haven't yet deployed 2004 in my department, so I haven't yet had the need to fix the hole wizard tables. Believe it or not I'm waiting for SWX to fix this cosmetic thread issue before I deploy. But don't you worry, as soon as I do I'll get that modified file out.

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Mickey Reilley

Turn it in to your VAR as a bug. They'll tell you if they've heard about it from SWX, in which case it will have an SPR. Your report may bump the bug up in the priority list.

With luck, your VAR will tell you. Once you have an SPR you can check to see if it is in the next scheduled release.

Sorry, no help here, as I don't use cosmetic threads.

Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems

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Jerry Steiger


It is a known issue with SW as I had a SPR issued against it back in beta 1 or 2. Deleted the email with the SPR number they gave me.

Given we are at SP1.0 your guess is as good as anyone elses as to when they are going to fix it.

I've got no answer for question number three.


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Len K. Mar

Mickey if you create a linear patterned sketch you can pick points to be coincident with these for hole insertion 3d sketch- the textures show properly in this case.

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