Hidden lines removed still show cosmetic threads

I am wondering if there is any one else suffering from crappy drawing
performance regarding cosmetic threads. I wish to show some views
with out hidden lines, and can't seem to get the cosmetic threads to
go away. Of course I can manually RMB on them one at a time and hide
them, but sometimes solidworks chooses to hide ones that I want shown
then. Is there some trick to not showing cosmetic threads in views
with hidden line removed on? I also have this problem in section
views. Any ideas would be great, if not, any complaints to solidworks
that may hasten this getting fixed would be acceptable.
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Pete J. Kavelish
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As far as I know there is only one way to hide the cosmetic thread and that is to hide them manually by RMB each one of 'em....I don't know if You can put them on a specific layer ....never tried it...but if that is possible You could just turn off that layer
Krister L
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Krister L

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