Heads-up to Canadian subscribers

I was just about to renew my subscription when I noticed the $ exchange rate being used to create the Canadian price. To make a long story short, I asked for (and received) an invoice in US$ for the standard $1,295US annual change. I guess they haven't been up dating their Cdn $ price sheet to reflect the current US/Cdn dollar exchange. Since most of my customers are US, I'm just recycling some of my US dollars back into SW.

For small guys like me, the difference is significant.

Cheers, Bob - Toronto

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The continued drop in the value of the US$ blows good fortune on some. It may end up at about 10 cents Canadian per US dollar as this keeps up.

The new guy for US Commerce Secretary is credited with many Kelloggs plant closings & shipping jobs offshore. He's reputed to be very good.

Get any remaining free US$ converted to things like Euros as soon as possible. It's what the large firms seem to be doing. Then invest them in Europe, China or India.


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