Kansas City SolidWorks User Group - next meeting

Officers: Wayne Tiffany, President Carl Gauger, Vice President Jeremy Owen, Secretary Charles Durio, Food Chairman

Date: Tuesday, 6/7/05 Time: 6:30 - 9:30pm Place: Automatic Systems, Inc. 9230 E. 47th St Kansas City , MO 64 133 816- 356 - 0660

Main Topic: The back side of SolidWorks - development. Guest Speaker: Brian Harrison

We, as SW users, hardly ever get to see what happens "behind the curtain" at SW. If you have attended SolidWorks World in the past, you might have a bit more insight into the workings of the corporation through conversations with SW employees. But for most users, what you see & hear in public is pretty much it. Now, at the next meeting, we will have a unique opportunity to "look under the hood". Our guest speaker is a 10 year veteran SW employee whose title is "Director, Drawings Development" and in his position, is very much a part of what happens behind the scenes. How is the software tested, who decides what makes it into a release, how do you make sure that a fix in one area doesn't kill some thing else, etc. Ever wonder about those things? Or maybe it's just me.. Take advantage of this opportunity - plan to attend.

If you go to

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and put in the address, it has a good map for you. In general, ASI is down the hill from the stadiums at 47th St. & Raytown Road. We are still in need of someone to work on the website - let me know if that's something you have always wanted to try, but didn't know how to start.

Mark your calendars and plan on attending. Remember, the meetings are always good information, good company, and good food. Talk to your co-workers and suggest they also attend. As usual, please reply to this email with your confirmation of attendance so we know how much food to have on hand. I don't know what the menu will be yet, but we have yet to have any complaints.

Wayne Tiffany


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