Looking for VARs in the Pa/NJ area

can anyone recommend a good VAR in the southern NJ/{hilly area?

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We use Prism Engineering in Horsham, Pa, just outside of Phila. They have been very good.

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I have been using Cimquest

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for a long time. We (my former company) bought MasterCam from them in 1993(?) and while was at one of the training classes I was shown SolidWorks (in like '95) and we bought three seats of SW. I also bought my own version of both MasterCam and SolidWorks from them when I went into my own business, and I couldn't be happier.

Anyway, the owners name is Rob Hassold and he may be the nicest guy on the planet. He only hires great peeps and the service has been out standing.

I would definitely give him a call. And be sure to tell him that Muggs sent you (yea, it will actually mean something to him).

BTW, I go to Cimquest (80 miles away) even though Prism (another VAR) is 15 mins from my house!!!

Good luck, Muggs

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CADDEDGE in NY. Great Tech support.

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We use Prism Engineering in Horsham, PA. Their sales staff and tech support is great and very easy to work with.

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Highly recommended.


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Stevie D

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