Mirrored Part and Severing the Relation

Hi All
I have a part, "B" that has been mirrored from part "A". The design is
complete and I wish to sever the link between the two.
I began the process and reached a point of partial severance but cannot get
any further.
Perhaps I overlooked something.
Here are the steps I have taken:
Developed part A until satisfactory.
Mirrored part A, and produced an new derived part B.
Tweeked part A until final design approved.
Opened part B, and in Feature Manager, right clicked on the solid body
(having external reference -> ) and "List External Refs..".
In the dialog box, I clicked the "Break external Links" Button. ( ->x )
This is suppoosed to permanently break the links and sure enough any change
to A does not show in B.
B still rebuilds itself.
SolidWorks explorer shows that B has a reference to A.
Isn't B supposed to be an autonomous part now?
What is going on?
Can I truely sever the link?
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Taking the steps you have will sever the link but SW does not get rid of the reference info on the model.
The best way I have found is to save the mirrored part as a pasolid. This will of course sever the link. If you need to update it in the future you can re-save the original as a mirror and parasolid then simply edit the feature in the part and point to the new parasolid file.
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snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com (js) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com:
Thanks for responding.
I had considered going the parasolid route. Should have trusted my instinct.
Wonder why SWKs chose to do it that way. There dosen't seem to be any problem. Except for the update thing, the part performs well autonomously in all upper level assemblies. That makes me a bit nervous.
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try "locking" the external references
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kenneth b
"kenneth b" wrote in news:30995cF2ufrufU1@uni- berlin.de:
Thanks for the suggestion. Tried it (on your suggestion)
Nothing to lock. The links have been broken.
I think I'll leave it for now. Seems to be stable. Will see how the models behave and how things go when I check them into the vault. Might redo it at a later date.
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yes, can't lock if links are broken. locking (especially for mirrored parts) is indispensable.
(when creating mirrored parts) it never fails that at some point, the parent part needs a feature that is not required on the mirrored part, locking works very well in this scenario. and/or if you decide the mirrored part requires this new feature you can un-lock the external references and have this feature propagate to the mirrored part, this is where (un)locking really shines..
hth, kenneth
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kenneth b

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