Re: How can I delete this external reference (mirrored part using plane of another part)

I have a reference that I want to delete. I did a "Mirror Part" inside

> of an assy, and used a plane/face of a part inside that assy to mirror. > I didnt relize I did that the mirrored part is referencing that assy > until a mth or so later. > > How can I get rid of/delete this reference?

When you list your external references, you get two buttons below the listing, "Break All" and "Lock All". As the "All" implies, they will lock or break ALL of the external references. That's probably not what you want to do.

It seems like you should be able to edit the "Mirror Part" and reference a plane that is not in of another part. That seems like a much better approach, provided you can do it.

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