Note is Out of bounds?

Somehow we inserted a note onto a dwg 23,000 inches from the titleblock. When doing a view all in SolidWorks the dwg boundry fills the screen so it seems SW is unaware of the note.

However, we use SmarTeam and its internal viewer recognizes the far away note so a view all gives us a tiny dot for the dwg and nothing onscreen for the note. Zooming in on either allows us to see it.

I exported the dwg as a DXF file and was able to use CadKey (maybe Intellicad) to determine the note was 23,000 inches from the title block. Back in SW I tried to draw a line from the title block 21,000 inches to the left but got some type of error. It seems I can draw a line 19,000 inches but anything longer produces the error.

I could just redraw the dwg but am wondering if there's a way to use a hex editor to modify the SW dwg file. Or, is there a 'erase outside the box' as in CadKey?

VAR says the problem will be fixed in the next SmarTeam SP.

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B Long
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Perhaps you can create a new sheet, and drag everything onto the new sheet, deleting the old?

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Dale Dunn

This note may be outside the cube in which SW is supposed to operate.

Can you cut the note and paste it somewhere closer to the titleblock?

B L> Somehow we inserted a note onto a dwg 23,000 inches from the titleblock.

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do you know what the note says. you could use the api to loop through every note and delete it when you find it.

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Sean Phillips

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