OT: Montreal Overpass Failure

Governmental departments too often miss the mark in "proper business
planning". The rest is just my rant.
Certainly the structural engineers' designs and calculations will get
review in Montreal, as will the inspectors and the contractors that put
the overpass up which is to be expected to improve future construction,
but there is something insidiously worse.
A government transportation department heard that concrete was falling
from the overpass about 1 hour before the collapse. Now that is great
news, right?
1=2E Did they send out crews to look (or were there no crews on the
2=2E Did they shut down the highway & overpass?
3=2E Did they have a plan to divert traffic?
4=2E Was there even a crisis procedure to implement?
The quote from Canada's CBC news was as follows:
"Transport Quebec spokeswoman Jos=E9e Seguin told the Canadian Press the
overpass was built in 1970, but she didn't know when it was last
inspected. She said the department heard about an hour before the
accident that pieces of concrete were falling off the overpass.
Transport Quebec then issued an advisory to some media, she said."
The inability of some governmental groups to properly run what they
have under their control is something that ought to get fixed, but
since it involves politics, that seems to limit what happens.
A=2E In Los Angeles, Martin Luther King hospital has been an operational
wreck, and it has been that way for DECADES. Everyone who lives in
So.Cal. knows that if you get in an auto wreck near MLK, you offer to
pay the ambulance driver to take you ANYWHERE BUT MLK!
Why? MLK is run by the County Board of Supervisors. They are elected
because they can smile, talk good and shake hands, not because they
know ANYTHING about hospital management. MLK lost its Federal approval
as a hospital allowed to get Federal funding recently. Elected
officials should not run critical infrastructure. They should hire
professionals and properly FUND IT, if they must "own it". The council
person in MLK's (low income) district, shall we say, is a person who
hands out favors, and MLK is viewed locally as a place for opportunists
who get along with the supervisors to gain control, and that fueled
anything but a professionally run hospital.
B=2E On the other side of the public coin in "business" was today's
LATimes article on "Petrobas" the oil company in Brazil that is
partially owned, and majority vote controlled by the Brazilian
government, but the company is a public company with shares (depository
receipts) traded on the NYSE. That is a partially government owned
entity that runs right, grows and turns a profit.
Time for a change in government control of infrastructure, if I don't
miss my Bet. The citizens are the losers. We need to vote the
bastards out, and vote in people who put in proper business operating
Rant Over - Bo
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We, the collective, are the ones that elect officials based on emotional sound byte appeal, we examine cum on a dress in its minutest detail and swallow the reasons given us for going to war without question, we idolize scoundrels until they are indicted, we govern our lives in accordance with the mandates of, kill in the name of, beings that do not exist, we exist because Darwinian natural selection has been stifled by our intelligence and will. All goes from order to chaos. It will only get worse.
Have a Nice Day!
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As engineers we can do something about stuff like this. Recently something came up in this area. I went to the appropriate offices and got copies of plans and standards. I rewrote them in a Q&A format anybody could understand and as much as possible without bias. I then put them in people's hands. When people saw the aerial photos, the plans and the other stuff in a way they could understand they turned out enmass at the public meetings and made a stink. The government officials did not even know that what they were planning violated their own standards and they were embarrassed when John Q Citizen informed them.
Solidworks could probably be used for this purpose in some cases. Just think of how helpful Mike Wilson's re-creation was.
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